SunEdison unveils 10MW NYC project

SunEdison has announced plans for a 10MW PV project on a reclaimed landfill in Staten Island, in what will become by far the largest renewable-energy project within New York City.

The project, split across two sites, will cover 19 hectares leased to SunEdison in Freshkills Park, a landfill reclamation project which has been under construction since 2008.

SunEdison, which continues to aggressively expand its capital and in-house resources for downstream project development, will supply around 33,000 modules to the project.

The 10MW system, set to break ground in late 2015, would boost by 50% the amount of PV presently installed in New York City’s five boroughs.

“Because of a dramatic reduction in the cost of panels, solar has become competitive without subsidies with other forms of energy,” Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s outgoing mayor, said at the project’s unveiling.

Freshkills Park will stretch to 890 hectares upon its completion, making it the second largest park in New York City – and nearly triple the size of Central Park.

The landfill underneath Freshkills Park, once the largest in the world, was closed to new rubbish in 2011.

“It is only fitting that Freshkills, once a daily dumping ground, will become a showcase of urban renewable and sustainability,” Bloomberg says.