Soitec and Exosun form CPV team

French semiconductor specialist Soitec has tied up with solar tracker designer Exosun to develop a utility-scale concentrating PV (CPV) system.

The CX S540 model, which will be made up an Exosun tracker holding 18-24 Soitec Concentrix modules delivering up to 61.2kW output per unit, is in the frame for many of the projects earmarked by the French Ministry of Energy in its recent tender for large solar installations.

“The projects that will be built in France are part of the country's energy transition and will serve as a benchmark for this industry of the future, enabling it to win market share internationally,” says José  Beriot, vice-president of Soitec’s solar projects business.

“Through this co-operation with Exosun, we are happy to show that CPV technology is in a position to reinvigorate the industry through innovation, and that it represents a true growth driver.”

Soitec’s CPV modules, which use banks of Fresnel lenses to focus sunlight 500-fold on to triple-junction cells, have shown efficiencies of 31.8% in the field. Its four-junction Concentrix CPV cell has achieved 44.7% efficiency in testing by Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy.

Exosun’s Exotrack CPV dual-axis solar trackers use a patented control system with tracking precision of 0.1°.

Soitec has CPV installations in 18 countries.