Saudis are switching on to CPV

Australia’s Solar Systems has switched on a 1MW concentrating PV (CPV) installation in Saudi Arabia.

The 28-dish “dense array” CPV demonstrator, at an equestrian resort near Riyadh, is expected to be a landmark project for the Silex-owned company in the kingdom, as it progresses with its planned $109bn solar investment programme.

“With its high direct normal irradiance, very high average daily temperatures and negligible cloud cover, Solar Systems’ concentrating dish technology is well suited to clean energy production in Saudi Arabia,” says Silex chief executive Michael Goldsworthy.

Solar Systems chief executive Chris Murray adds: “The commercial deployment of the technology at the facility broadens our exposure in the key Middle Eastern markets and establishes our unique CPV technology in a different setting to Australia.”

Saudi Arabia is targeting a 41GW solar build-out over the next two decades.