PNM looks to add 40MW PV in NM

New Mexico’s largest electric utility PNM is seeking regulatory approval to build four 10MW solar PV plants in 2015 to help meet a state renewable energy mandate the following year.

Using a competitive bidding process, PNM identified a joint venture between Albuquerque-based Affordable Solar and GranSolar to build two of the centers and Juwi Solar to build the other two facilities.

PNM estimates the total cost at $79m. It is evaluating multiple sites in the central part of the state.

"We believe our proposal will help us provide dependable power cost-effectively while reducing water use and carbon emissions at power plants," says PNM Planning and Resource Director Pat O'Connell. 

If the Public Regulation Commission approves the plan, PNM would raise solar generation capacity to 107MW after the plants are built.

New Mexico in 2015 will raise its renewable energy requirement from 10% to 15%.

PNM is required to file a plan each year showing how it will meet state renewable energy requirements. State regulators are expected to hold a public hearing and make a decision on the plan later this year.