LADWP greenlights 300MW of PV

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) is moving forward with plans for a 250MW solar PV array in Kern County, while also promoting development of an additional 50MW within the second most populated US city.

The agreements to proceed require approval by the Los Angeles City Council.

Land for the Beacon Solar Project was acquired by LADWP in 2012 and was previously permitted in Kern County for a solar development, It has been divided into five sites.

Four sites will be developed through four separate power purchase deals for a total of 200 MW. Two of sites totaling 112MW have been awarded to Hecate Energy and two others totaling 88MW to SunEdison.  

Each of these contracts is tied to developing a group of small-scale feed-in-tariff solar projects within LADWP’s service area in Los Angeles. Altogether, these “bundled” agreements will construct 50 MW of local solar – Hecate 28MW and SunEdison 22MW.

The fifth solar project that will be installed on the Beacon property is a 50 MW project that is not “bundled” with a FIT component. This contract was awarded to Hecate Energy.

LADWP in 2013 launched the FIT program.

Along with helping spur the clean energy economy in Los Angeles and meeting renewable energy goals, the expansion of local solar builds more resiliency and reliability into the power grid, according to LADWP.

“These agreements put us within reach of our targets of 25% renewable energy by 2016 and 33% by 2020,” says Marcie Edwards, LADWP General Manager. Combined, the utility-scale solar array and the local solar projects will provide enough energy for about 150,000 home.