Tata's PV, wind capacity hits 500MW

Tata Power’s PV and wind generation capacity passed the 500MW mark with the recent completion of a 25MW solar plant in western India.

The Mumbai-based utility — which now claims 54MW of PV capacity and a wind portfolio of 460.6MW — built the project on a 130-acre site in Palaswadi, in the state of Maharashtra.

Including hydropower and waste gas-based generation, its total clean energy generating capacity now stands at roughly 1.17GW.

Tata Power is currently developing 49.5MW and 32MW wind farms in Maharashtra, as well as 94.8MW and 134.4MW wind projects in South Africa.

It is also building a 25MW solar plant in Gujarat, a state in which more than 900MW of PV capacity was developed under the watch of former chief minister and current prime minister of India, Narendra Modi.

Roughly 915MW of PV is installed in Gujarat, India’s leading state for solar development.