SCE seeks 290MW more small RE

Southern California Edison (SCE) has launched a new round of solicitations for small-scale renewable source projects including solar with the goal of procuring up to 290MW through a Renewable Auction Mechanism (RAM).

The request for offers is open to renewable electric energy-generating facilities between 3MW and 20MW.  

The submission deadline is Friday.

The California Public Utilities Commission adopted RAM in December 2010 with the objective of lowering transaction costs and promoting the development of small-scale, system-wide renewable distributed generation.

Regulators believe RAM encourages development of resources that can use existing transmission and distribution infrastructure, promotes competition, elicits the lowest costs for customers and contribute to the state’s renewables goals of 33% by 2020.

SCE has obtained 530MW of renewable power for its customers through the previous four auctions.

“This is part of our leadership into an energy future where SCE believes customers will have more choices and access to clean energy,” says Tony Frontino, principal manager of contract origination at SCE.

One of the largest investor-owned electric utilities, SCE obtains 22% of its power from renewable sources versus 15% for California’s power mix. It says it will meet the state’s 2020 mandate.