Conergy in new Philippines win

PV group Conergy will design and build an 8MW plant in the Philippines, its latest project win in the country.

Conergy will construct the plant on the Philippines biggest island of Luzon, 50km from the capital Manila, for RASLAG, the renewables subsidiary of Angeles Power.

Germany-based, US-owned Conergy said the plant will enable it to hit 30MW of installed PV by the end of the year, qualifying it for government incentives.

Conergy has already completed the first phase of the Philippines’ first utility-scale solar plant, which will be expanded to 22MW.

Alexander Lenz, president for Conergy Asia & Middle East, said: “There are huge opportunities for solar to expand access to electricity and reduce energy imports in the Philippines.

“With high and predictable levels of sunlight, solar is already competitive with traditional power generation in many parts of the country.”