UK PV firms win FIT court claim

The UK High Court has ruled in favour of 14 solar companies in a £132m ($225.8m) damages claim brought against the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) over losses they suffered due to unlawful cuts to the feed-in-tariff scheme in 2011.

The companies claimed that the “unlawful and unfair” cuts to the FIT caused their businesses substantial damages resulting in thousands of redundancies.

The High Court ruled that DECC’s policy changes had caused significant commercial damage to the solar industry, including an estimated loss of £132m in revenue and earnings for the claimants.

The actual amount of any damages was not fixed by the court and will be determined later.

A DECC spokeswoman said the department would be appealing against the judgement.

The claim was brought by energy specialist legal  firm Prospect Law.

The 14 companies include Freetricity, Ecovision, Cleaner Air Solutions, Solarlec, Breyer Group, New Energy Solutions, E-tricity, Foz Electrical, Green Home, Viscount Solar, Evo Energy, Crystal Windows, Monitor My Solar and Solar Power PV.