DOE to fund tribal RE projects

The US Energy Department (DOE) will provide up to $7m to tribes for deployment of community- or facility-scale clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

DOE will administer the funding through its Tribal Energy Program and Office of Indian Energy.

The funding, which will be cost-shared, will help tribes to install the projects and do upgrades themselves.

DOE is soliciting projects for buildings that can displace electrical, heating or cooling loads by at least 15%. For clean energy systems, projects need to generate a minimum 50kW.

Tribal lands comprise nearly 2% of US territory but contain about 5% of all the country's renewable energy resources.

DOE estimates that tribal lands contain a potential 9 terawatts of installed renewable energy generation capacity.

DOE thus far has invested nearly $50m in 184 tribal clean energy projects. It also provides financial and technical assistance to tribes for the evaluation and development of their renewable energy resources.