Tepco building 68MW of Japan PV

Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) and real-estate firm Ken Corporation have started building roughly 33MW of 68MW of PV capacity they plan to develop at several sites north of Tokyo.

The two sides expect to finish building 28.8MW at several locations in Tochigi prefecture by March 2016.

They plan to switch on 31.2MW of solar by spring 2015 in Hitachi, Ibaraki prefecture.

And they are also developing 8MW at five sites in Gunma prefecture.

The companies started building about 4.4MW at three sites in Gunma in July, with two more sites scheduled to start construction this year.

They expect to finish building the five Gunma sites at some point after December, Tokyo-based Ken said in an online statement.

It did not reveal which companies will supply PV panels for the projects.

Earlier this month, Japan’s nuclear regulator reportedly shut down Tepco’s plans to restart its Kashiwazaki Kariwa facility, the country’s biggest nuclear plant, this summer.

The delay comes as a serious blow to the regional utility’s efforts to turn its finances around, as it has been hit hard by problems related to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in 2011.

Tepco owns roughly 17.3GW of nuclear capacity at 17 nuclear reactors, including 10 reactors in Fukushima prefecture and 7 in Niigata prefecture, where the Kashiwazaki Kariwa facility is located.