Trina sees sense in UK PV shift

Trina Solar has backed the UK government’s shift away from supporting large-scale solar farms towards encouraging growth in brownfield, domestic and commercial rooftop installations.

"There is no doubt that too many of these sites remain fallow, and could prove to be a valuable source of energy to supplement the increasingly pressurised electricity grid,” says Richard Rushin, Trina’s UK sales manager.

Rushin says the government’s commitment to commercial installations is encouraging, but pointed out the need for it to be matched by a commitment to the latest solar PV technology to maximise efficiencies in often-challenging conditions.

Earlier this month the UK’s Solar Trade Association warned it was “unacceptable” that the government is proposing to tilt the playing field against large-scale solar, while not taking sufficient action to unlock commercial rooftop solar.

A coalition of more than 150 businesses from across the UK solar industry and beyond urged Prime Minister David Cameron not to close the Renewables Obligation to large-scale solar and to rethink proposals on feed-in tariffs.