Hareon signs 6.2GW global PV deal

Chinese PV group Hareon Solar Technology and Switzerland’s ILB Helios have signed a framework agreement to construct 6.27GW of solar capacity around the world through 2017.

The two sides will jointly build PV projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and North America, Hareon said in a statement to the Shanghai stock exchange, without revealing the terms of the agreement.

They plan to build roughly 254MW this year, including 225MW in Turkey and 29MW in the UK, as well as 0.1MW in Jordan.

In 2015, they will develop roughly 2.2GW, with 1.25GW in Turkey, 160MW in Jordan and 110MW in Kazakhstan, as well as 100MW each in Macedonia, Iran and Iraq.

Other countries in the 2015 plan include 77MW in the UK, 60MW in Mauritius, 50MW in Egypt and 50MW in Qatar, as well as 30MW each in Austria and Switzerland.

In 2016, Hareon and ILB Helios aim to construct 2.82GW, including 1.55GW in Turkey, as well as 150MW each in Iran, Iraq and Jordan.

The 2016 plan also includes 100MW each in Macedonia, Egypt and Canada, 100MW in undisclosed locations in North Africa, and 200MW in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai and elsewhere), as well as a number of smaller projects in several other countries.

The two sides will wrap up this ambitious plan in 2017 by building 1.02GW of solar capacity, including 350MW in Turkey and 250MW in Jordan, as well as 100MW each in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and undisclosed sites throughout North Africa.

Hareon and Zug-based ILB Helios, a unit of IBL Integrierte Beschaffungslogistik, have already collaborated on the development of 150MW of solar in European countries such as Romania and Bulgaria.

Separately, Hareon — which is based in eastern China’s Jiangsu province — also unveiled plans to set up a subsidiary in India, where it aims to build and run PV projects, among other activities.

The framework agreement with ILB Helios is the latest in a series of ambitious plans Hareon has announced over the past year.

In July, it said it had signed a 6 billion yuan ($968.3m) framework agreement to install 600MW of distributed-generation PV in China's Hebei province.

In June, it announced plans to establish a venture in Johannesburg with mining and construction contractor AMED Energy to sell its solar panels, provide EPC services and possibly invest in PV projects in Africa.

In February, Hareon also unveiled plans to build 150MW of solar capacity at three sites in China.

And last November, it revealed a 10bn yuan plan to develop roughly 1GW of solar capacity in northern China's Inner Mongolia region.