Japan may cancel more PV projects

The Japanese authorities may revoke feed-in tariff (FIT) authorisations for more unfinished PV projects this month.

Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) is currently assessing the progress of solar installations above 400kW in size that were approved for development in fiscal 2013.

It will decide at the end of August whether to cancel 22 uncompleted projects.

In addition, developers of approximately 330 approved projects must show that they have obtained land and equipment for their projects by the end of this month, or risk having their FIT authorisations cancelled.

Japan launched its FIT system in fiscal 2012.

Roughly 65.7GW of utility-scale solar had been approved for development by the end of March 2014. But METI figures show that just 8.7GW of projects were feeding electricity into the grid by that time.

A METI survey last October revealed that a significant number of approved projects remained undeveloped.

The government decided at that time that PV developers that had yet to secure land rights and obtain the equipment needed for their projects by March of this year would lose their FIT approvals.

A METI official told Bloomberg this week that at least 165 projects were cancelled as a result of these investigations.