China sets 2014 PV target at 13GW

China has firmed-up its 2014 solar installation target at 13GW, according to local media reports.

Previously, the country's National Energy Administration (NEA) had been looking for additions in excess of 10GW, with some market observers suggesting the actual figure could reach as high as 14GW.

NEA director Wu Xinxiong said distributed-generation PV is still the government's top priority this year, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

But Wu did not say how much distributed-generation PV the NEA specifically wants the nation's developers to install under the revised target.

Analysts said expectations of 14GW were probably too ambitious, given the sluggish roll-out of distributed-generation projects thus far.

Distributed-generation PV installations are already below target this year, partly due to ineffective support mechanisms and poor credit availability for developers.

In the first quarter, China only installed about 188MW of distributed-generation PV. However, installations are widely tipped to accelerate for the remainder of this year.

The NEA is reportedly considering additional policy measures to support its revised target, but it did not disclose specific details.

In addition, it continues to encourage provincial authorities to help roll out more distributed-generation projects. The NEA had previously set specific PV installation quotas for every part of of the country.

Several provinces in China already offer their own incentives to encourage the development of solar, in addition to support from Beijing.

Note: Update amends article to make clear that 14GW was an earlier expectation for upper end of Chinese installations, while 10GW was previous official goal for 2014.