Sungevity expands US footprint

Riding the current boom in US residential PV solar installations, Sungevity has “strategically” expanded operations into New Mexico and Vermont.

New Mexico ranks tenth among US states in the number of solar-powered houses, reflecting residents' receptivity to solar-based energy, the Oakland, California-based company says.

Vermont is experiencing above-average electricity rates; a streamlined permitting process for rooftop solar; and a new policy increasing the net metering cap from 4% to 15% of a utility's peak load that enables solar customers to receive more credit for energy they send back to the grid.

Each state also employs more than 1,000 people in the solar industry, thus enabling Sungevity to enter markets that are already familiar with economic and environmental benefits of solar energy, according to the company.

"Bringing our services to New Mexico and Vermont furthers our mission of strategically increasing our footprint to help homeowners get relief from rising energy costs while simultaneously reducing reliance on fossil fuels," says Sungevity chief executive Andrew Birch.

Sungevity also has operations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey and New York, and Washington, DC. Global markets include the Netherlands and a joint venture in Australia.