Mitsubishi Electric finishes 12MW

Mitsubishi Electric has finished building a 12.2MW PV plant in northeastern Japan.

The Tokyo-based company's plant engineering unit, in cooperation with Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance, constructed the plant on the grounds of a Nippon Kasei Chemical plant at the port of Onahama, just to the south of Iwaki, Fukushima prefecture.

Mitsubishi Electric's plant features 46,690 of the company’s 261W monocrystalline PV modules, which boast a conversion efficiency rate of 15.8%.

The installation is part of a broader project that includes another PV plant on the same site. That 6.2MW project, owned by Onahama Petroleum, will be completed by March 2015.

Mitsubishi Electric, which is generally tight-lipped about its solar business, currently has several projects in development.

In February, it announced plans to supply PV modules, inverters and remote monitoring equipment for a 13.2MW solar project on a former golf course in Tadewara, in western Japan’s Nagasaki prefecture. The company, along with construction firm Toda, expects to finish the plant by April 2015.

Last November, renewables developer Eurus Energy revealed that it had chosen Mitsubishi Electric to supply modules for a 39.3MW (DC) solar project in Awaji, Hyogo prefecture. Eurus expects to finish construction in July 2015.

Mitsubishi Electric is also supplying solar panels for a 78.9MW plant that Eurus is building in Rokkasho, in northern Japan’s Aomori prefecture. Eurus — a joint venture between utility Tokyo Electric Power (Tepco) and Toyota Tsusho, the trading unit of the Toyota group — expects to finish the project in November 2015.