Juwi builds 6.25MW PV on Mindanao

German renewables group Juwi is building a 6.25MW solar park on Mindanao, the second-largest island of the Philippines.

Juwi is acting as EPC provider for an unnamed international project developer and a private equity fund for the solar array that is slated to be grid-connected in the spring of 2015, when 20,500 PV panels will be ready to produce more than nine million kilowatt hours of climate-friendly electricity per year.

The project shows that solar power is an economically viable alternative to diesel generators that are producing much of the energy on the island, Juwi points out.

“Many parts of the country depend on conventional [fossil fuel] energy sources and expensive diesel generators,” says Kai Klingenhagen, Juwi’s business development manager for the Philippines.

Juwi says it has further projects in its pipeline for the power-thirsty Asian country, where it has been active since 2010.

Due to shortcomings in its energy supply, the Philippine government plans to boost its PV generation capacity from 50MW to 500MW, Juwi says.