NRG Energy, GMP partner in Vermont

NRG Energy and utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) have formed a partnership that will leverage a proposed advanced distribution grid in Rutland to bring innovative, clean energy products and services to Vermont.

Starting early next year, they expect to transform the city’s distribution grid from a 100-year-old electric delivery model to a market-based platform designed to create efficiencies and distributed energy solutions through renewable technologies and energy storage.

"This partnership is a really big deal for our customers and for Vermont," said GMP chief executive Mary Powell.

“Our customers consistently tell us they want tools to save money and move to renewable energy sources, and we can show the rest of the country how to get there. This is what our energy future looks like," she adds.

Products and service offerings from the new project include:

  • Microgrid: GMP has an ambitious vision for an energy future that takes Rutland and ultimately Vermont beyond the legacy grid system, supported by solar energy and new technology systems that ensure reliable power. It will leverage NRG’s microgrid capabilities.
  • Community Solar:In 2013, NRG Home Solar built one of the first third party financed community solar arrays in the country in Rutland. It provides 50 residents and businesses a credit on their GMP bill for their portion of the solar energy produced by the array. Customers pay a small monthly fee and are covered by a power production guarantee. NRG and GMP are now working on additional projects in Vermont.
  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: GMP will work with NRG’s eVgo division to develop and roll out an expanded, interconnected network of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state.
  • Micro-power:GMP is working with NRG to offer micro generation solutions. These units generate up to 10kW of electricity, provide heat for water and space heating, and offer battery storage and solar integration capability with onsite solar systems.
  • Personal Energy Management:Beginning in 2015, GMP will offer customers a comprehensive personal energy management solution — a multilevel home control and convenience offering. Subscribing customers may be able to remotely manage energy consumption in their homes to increase comfort and save money. They may also be able to participate in demand response, in which they voluntarily reduce their use of electricity for specific periods in return for payments or credits on their bill.