Cummins wins Myanmar hybrid deal

A unit of Cummins has won a contract from Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT) to supply a mix of solar and battery hybrid, and diesel generator power solutions for more than 750 cell-tower sites in Myanmar.

IGT will roll out the cell-tower sites during the next 12 months as part of a contract with Telenor Myanmar to build and operate them nationwide.

Two-thirds of the sites will be off the country’s primitive power grid and located in remote locations. Poor road infrastructure in some regions is another challenge as refueling and maintenance of diesel generators can significantly add to tower network operating costs.

A Cummins official tells Recharge that IGT will deploy solar with batteries and generators where it can make a “financial case” to do so. Solar with battery storage allows tower companies and operators to significantly reduce generator “run time.”

The US company says it has engineered ' advanced hybrid power systems to optimize capital expenditure while lowering total cost of ownership and ensuring uninterrupted operations.

"Leveraging our proven experience in hybrid power, we designed a hybrid product specifically for the telecom industry to provide the best value to our customers," says Alan Zhao, director of telecom business at Cummins.