Russia's Hevel opens 5MW PV plant

Russia's Hevel Solar has inaugurated the 5MW Kosh-Agach pilot solar project, the first PV array in the Atlai Republic, in south central Siberia.

The cost of construction was 570m roubles ($15.3m), according to local reports.

Kosh-Agach is the first of five solar power stations planned for the region, with their total capacity amounting to 45MW.

"Four of them must be launched in the Altai Republic before 2019, with their aggregate amount of financing being more than 5bn rubles," Russian President Vladimir Putin said during the inauguration ceremony.

"This means a large amount of work, which will enable the production sector of the component to feel confident and get a market," Putin said.

Moscow-based Hevel Solar intends to offer "end-to-end" services to Russia's nascent solar industry, and recently began production of thin-film PV modules at a plant in the country, said to have a nameplate capacity of 120MW.

PV has a local content requirement in Russia of 50% until 2015 and 70% from 2016.