Kyocera introduces high-performance 240W solar module

Japan's Kyocera has introduced a new high-performance solar module capable of providing 240 watts (W) of power with 60 solar cells.

The KD240GH-2PB is suitable for installations on open fields or industrial rooftops.

Kyocera's PV solar module is particularly aimed at industrial plants and open spaces, since fewer modules are used to achieve a high output, hence installation costs are reduced.

The outfit of 60 cells with 240Wp output provides five more watts of power compared to its predecessor KD235GH-2PB.

This new solar module is also suitable for conventional house rooftop installations, according to Kyocera.

The design of the module is made to withstand high wind pressure and a snow load of up to 5,400 Newton per square metre.

The sturdy module also incorporates fire-hazard features through soldered joints rather than clamped joints.

Kyocera manufactures all components in its own facilities, without buying in any intermediate products – starting with the processing of the raw material, via cell production, through to module assembly, the company says.