Trina hails 'leveller' EU-China deal

The limits put on Chinese PV imports into Europe have helped – rather than harmed – Trina’s push into the UK, as the module giant chalked up its second major order in Britain in the past few days.

Trina – China’s second largest supplier of PV modules – has announced a 50MW follow-on order from Reading-based solar developer Anesco.

The two companies reached a framework agreement late last year, which led to 50MW of module deliveries in early 2013. But all such agreements were thrown into question by the EU-China solar spat, with experts cautioning that an unfavourable outcome for Chinese suppliers would have seriously damaged the booming UK solar market.

However, Trina says the “price undertaking” agreed between Beijing and Brussels this summer – and likely to be formally put in place in December – has proved beneficial to its UK business by weeding out lower-tier players whose only advantage was cost.

The deal has been a “great leveller”, says Trina’s UK sales manager Richard Rushin. “Now the differentiators are all about delivering quality in products and services.”

Last week Trina announced a follow-on 20MW order from Lightsource, the UK’s largest PV generator.