Korean group plans to build 300MW solar plant in Pakistan

A Korean developer is planning to build a 300MW solar generation plant in Pakistan, according to the latter’s government.

CX Solar is poised to sign a memorandum of understanding with the Balochistan provincial government over the project in the city of Quetta, says a statement from Pakistan’s Prime Minister’s Office.

The Korean company plans to build the PV plant in six 50MW phases on a site near the city’s airport.

Pakistan is heavily dependent on hydropower, faces regular blackouts, and has a large swathe of its population with no access to electricity.

It has insolation levels well suited to solar generation, and German PV group Conergy is among the other foreign suppliers to enter the market there.

In June Conergy announced it had signed a $75m deal to design and equip a 50MW PV plant in the Cholistan region – a project part-owned by the Pakistan government.