Information files/“cookies”

This Cookie Policy explains how NHST Global Publications with its related titles IntraFish, Recharge, TradeWinds and Upstream, and NHST Global Publications’ partners use information files (Cookies) in NHST Global Publications mobile applications (“Apps”) and NHST Global Publications websites (“Websites”), hereafter referred to as “Services”).

The services are owned and operated by NHST Global Publications AS, organization number 937 593 821, business address Christian Krohgs gate 16, 0186 Oslo, Norway, mailing address PO Box 1182, 0107 Oslo, Norway. NHST Global Publications AS is wholly owned by NHST Media Group AS (“NHST”). NHST and its subsidiaries will hereafter be referred to as “the Group”. Information on the Group is found on .

About cookies

Information files or cookies are small data or text files which a website stores on your computer or mobile device when you access a site or page. Cookies are used for various purposes, for instance to help the website recognize your device when you return to the service, serve the correct content to you, store information on your preferences and to serve, customize and measure the effect of advertising. Web beacons or other similar files can also do the same thing. We use the term “cookies” in this policy when referring to all files that collect information in this way. Since the Group uses the same basis systems and have common technical platforms, data, including data from cookies, may be processed by the Group for administrative purposes.

When you visit and use the websites, newsletters and download and use the Apps, or in any other way use the Services, you consent to NHST Global Publications and NHST Global Publications' partners place and read cookies on your device as described in this declaration.

NHST Global Publications will not need consent to use cookies solely for the purpose of transferring communication in a digital communication network, which is necessary to deliver the services and based on your request to do so. Consent may be given via a technical preference in your browser or similar in the cases where this is technically possible and efficient. Preferences in your browser that you accept cookies is regarded as giving consent. It’s sufficient to give consent once for the same purpose. You may at any point withdraw your consent by contacting the NHST Global Publications Privacy Officer .

Our use of cookies

NHST Global Publications uses cookies about you for 3 main purposes:

  • To deliver and customize the service for you
  • To maintain and develop the Service
  • To deliver, customize and measure the efficiency of advertising and other content shown you when you use the Service

More information on these purposes can be found in our Privacy Policy.

To achieve these purposes we use various types of cookies.

Session based cookies:

Session based cookies are cookies that are automatically deleted when you close your browser. We use these to register when you are online on our digital solutions, and how you navigate, for instance while using your profile pages on NHST Global Publications sites.

Fixed cookies:

Fixed cookies are used to collect information on authentication, language and other preferences and settings. Fixed cookies aren’t deleted when you exit the browser, but on a later designated date, or when you delete them yourself. By using these fixed cookies, we optimize the performance of our services and can make sure your log-in details and preferences are remembered the next time you log on. We also use them to track your use of the website and to remind you to update your subscription details from time to time.

Cookies placed by our partners:

To deliver, customize and measure the efficiency of advertising, we have given our advertising partners access to placing and reading cookies. Such third-party cookies can be both session-based or fixed and may be used to collect information about you. If you click on links provided by a third party, terms and conditions for these third-party suppliers apply, including their cookie policies.

For more information about cookies placed by our partners, see our Privacy Policy , where you will also find information on how you can opt-out of collection and analysis of data and customized advertising from our partners.

Controlling the use of cookies

You ma at any point disable cookies by choosing this in your browser. These settings are usually found in the “internet options” or “tools” menus in the browser.

We would like to point out that there are tools that can monitor and give you overview about which cookies are placed by the web services you visit. To read more about cookies and how you delete them, see for instance or . You may also opt out of collection and use of information for customized advertising for other parties, read more about it here and here .

Please note that some of our functionality and Services will not function if you disable cookies. Your browser will for example not remember your credentials automatically.

Type of data that are processed

A cookie typically contains anonymous data about the use of the Service so that NHST Global Publications and NHST Global Publications' partners can’t identify you as a user. A cookie may nevertheless in some cases contain personal data such as name, log-in credentials necessary for using the Service, device data, your preferences for using the Service, together with information that together with other sets of data may identify you.

Further information about our use of cookies, including which types of cookies that are uses, which data that are processed, the purposes and which parties that are involved in processing them, can be found in our Privacy Policy .