Wello set to deploy first full-scale Penguin wave device at Emec

Wello's Penguin is 30-metres long

Wello's Penguin is 30-metres long

Finnish renewable technology developer Wello is poised to install its first full-scale Penguin wave energy converter (WEC) at the European Marine Energy Centre (Emec) in Orkney, Scotland.

The company’s 500kW ship-hull-shaped device – which is 30 metres long and weighs 220 tonnes without ballast – will be deployed at Emec’s Billia Croo site at the end of March, following approval from Marine Scotland.

Studies will be carried out to check for any environmental impact during the full test-phase of the Penguin, which rides the waves moored to the seabed via a three-point spread of cables. The concept was hatched and developed in 2010 and 2011.

“We are extremely pleased by the short time-scale within which we have been able to move forward to full-scale deployment,” says Wello chief executive Aki Luukkainen.

“Successful testing of this device at Emec would mean the full-scale Penguin generator is capable of deployment in larger wave energy parks worldwide."


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