Trident Energy wave power system to test at Scottish port

UK wave power technology developer Trident Energy has taken out a lease at a northwest Scotland port to test its bolt-on Powerpod concept, following finalisation of a recent fundraising round.

Trident plans to install a 25kW version of the "co-located" wave-energy generator – which is designed to be attached to marine infrastructure such as offshore wind turbines and oil platforms – on a deepwater jetty in Kishorn Port, facing the Isle of Skye.

The lease agreement will allow Trident to test the PowerPod prototype in more "moderate" waves than the extreme marine environments common off Northern Europe that a full-scale version would face.

“Looking for a jetty on which to test our co-located wave technology posed two challenges," says Trident chief operating officer Jonathan Aramstrong. "First, jetties are largely in sheltered locations. Second, most structurally sound jetties have other on-going operations.

"Kishorn represents a great solution – the site is a legacy from oil and gas construction in the 1970s and offers a substantial, unused deep-water jetty which is exposed to energetic waves from the southwest."

The one-year trial at Kishorn, expected to kick off in the spring, will be off-grid, with electricity produced dissipated through a load bank.

Kishorn Port is part of the National Renewables Infrastructure Plan for Scotland.

Trident recently received a grant from Smart: Scotland, a proof-of-concept scheme run by business development agency Scottish Enterprise.