Finns get funds to roll out wave device for testing off Portugal

A consortium led by Finnish wave-power technologist AW-Energy has signed a $4.4m (€3m) agreement with the European Union (EU) to move its WaveRoller device toward commercialisation.

Under the demonstration deal, AW-Energy aims to build and deploy a grid-connected 300-kilowatt WaveRoller unit in waters offshore from the town of Peniche, Portugal, for a year-long technology proving programme.

Among the companies making up the consortium are industrial heavyweights Bosch-Rexroth and ABB, renewable energy operator Eneolica, and Portugese wave energy promotion body the Wave Energy Centre.

“The experience of our consortium is a significant asset to the project, and we are thrilled about this real pan-European co-operation,” says AW-Energy chief executive John Liljelund. “AW-Energy has been working hard the last three years Log in to read complete article.

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