Siemens talking to buyers as it plots exit from solar sector

The principle of concentrated solar power (CSP) plants is simple: curved sun-tracking mirrors capture sunlight and concentrate it on a solar receiver tube. A transfer medium, mainly oil, flows through this tube, and is heated by the concentrated solar radiation. This medium transfers its heat to water, generating steam. The steam drives a turbine, which then drives a generator. Finally, the generator produces electricity.While the technical principles of CSP were established a long time ago, the current challenge is enhancing plant efficiency. Experts expect that CSP plants could be economically competitive within 15 years, allowing the gradual phase-out of subsidies for electricity generatedin these plants.Das Grundprinzip von Solarthermie-Kraftwerken ist einfach: Parabolspiegel konzentrieren das Sonnenlicht auf sogenannte Receiverrohre. Durch diese fließt ein Transfermedium, in vielen Fällen Spezialöl, welches sich durch die Strahlungseinwirkung erhitzt. Diese Wärme wird in einem Wärmetauscher auf Wasser übertragen, das dabei verdampft. Der Dampf treibt wiederum eine Turbine an, deren Leistung in einem Generator in elektrische Energie umgesetzt wird.Das technische Prinzip hinter der Solarthermie ist seit langem bekannt; die aktuelle Herausforderung besteht darin, ihre Effizienz zu erhöhen. Experten rechnen damit, dass die Technologie binnen 15 Jahren ökonomisch wettbewerbsfähig werden könnte. Subventionen für solarthermisch produzierten Strom könnten damit Schritt für Schritt verringert werden.

"Investments in this area, not just for us but for others, were not worthwhile," Siemens chief executive Peter Löscher said of CSP

German industrial giant Siemens is to exit the solar industry and says it is in talks with potential buyers of its interests in the sector.

Siemens says it will now focus all of its renewable energy activities on wind and hydropower, which it expects to be the biggest contributors to growth.

The company had previously said that its concentrating solar power (CSP) activities were under review.

“Investments in this area, not just for us but for others, were not worthwhile,” said Siemens chief executive Peter Löscher in July while discussing the group’s financial third-quarter results.

Today Siemens says: “Due to the changed framework conditions, lower growth and strong price pressure in the solar markets, the company's expectations Log in to read complete article.

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