Brazil's WEG in NPS turbine deal

Brazilian electrical and automation giant WEG will build a wind-turbine factory in its home country based on technology licensed by US-based Northern Power Systems. 

The “strategic partnership” between the two companies will see WEG ramping a factory for turbines rated between 2.1MW-2.3MW in the state of Santa Catarina, with production slated to scale-up through 2014.

The companies did not reveal the scale of the planned factory.

The deal would appear to replace an agreement WEG previously had in place with Spanish wind-turbine maker M Torres, and hammers home WEG’s decision to continue playing in the Brazilian wind market after a period of uncertainty. 

WEG won its first wind-turbine order in Brazil last September.

“The South American wind market, particularly Brazil, is growing at an incredible rate, and the initial market response to WEG’s turbine offerings has been very positive,” says João Paulo Gaulberto da Silva, head of WEG’s wind business.  

WEG employs some 27,000 workers and reported revenues of R$6.2bn ($2.67bn) last year. 

Northern Power, based in the US state of Maine, launched its 2.3MW direct-drive turbine onto the US and European markets in 2011. 

Troy Patton,  Northern Power’s chief executive since April 2012, is a former senior vice president of engineering and products at Vestas.


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