Wind, solar in next Brazil A-5 tender

Brazil will hold an A-5 power auction on 12 September, with wind and solar projects both eligible, the Mines and Energy Ministry has announced.

Projects will be offered 20-year contracts with the start of commercial supply due on 1 January 2019.

It will be the second auction scheduled this year to include wind, and the first to feature solar power.

Government officials have said that a specific auction for solar power is being studied and could occur in the second half of 2014, as anticipated by Recharge last year.

On 6 June, the government will hold an A-3 auction that includes wind power projects. The government has already shortlisted 12GW of wind for this tender, accounting for 75% of all projects registered. Solar projects were kept out of that auction.

According to the A-5 auction guidelines, wind power projects authorised for the A-3 process will be able to fast-track their registration as long as technical characteristics are unchanged.

Preliminary registration of projects must be made by 16 May.

Only solar projects with an installed capacity of 5MW or higher can be registered for the A-5 process.

In 2013, the Brazilian government also allowed companies to register solar projects at two auctions.

In all, 2.2GW of solar PV projects and 210MW of concentrated solar power (CSP) was registered for the A-5 auction in 2013 – but none successfully sold power because prices from the other technologies competing were too low.