Senvion gets 54MW French deal

Germany-based manufacturer Senvion has won a contract to provide 27 turbines with a combined capacity of 54.45MW for four wind farms in France to energy producer Enertrag.

Senvion will also provide full maintenance of the wind farms for 15 years.

The company – a unit of India’s Suzlon – is supplying nine of its MM92 model with a capacity of 2.05MW each for the Renneville wind farm in the Champagne-Ardenne region. Commissioning for that wind farm is planned already for June 2014.

Senvion will also deliver 18 of its MM100 machines with a rated power of 2MW for three wind farms in Chaourse, Anguilcourt and La Ville-aux-Bois-lès-dizy, all located in the region of Picardy. Installation at those wind farms is planned for the end of 2004.

It is Senvion’s first delivery of its MM100 turbine to France.

“The 27 turbines from Senvion are technically proven and well-adapted for this part of France,” said Enertrag general director Thierry Vergnaud.

Senvion says the MM100 with a hub height of 100 metres and a rotor diameter also of 100 metres enables the capture of more wind energy and suits well to the wind conditions of low wind sites in France.s