'46% average' EU levy on Chinese PV

The EU is likely to slap anti-dumping duties averaging 46% on Chinese PV products, Dow Jones Newswire reports.

The level of tariffs will not be uniform, however, varying depending on individual manufacturers and products, the report adds, citing unnamed sources..

A press officer for European Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht says the EU will not officially comment on the issue before a June 5 deadline for a preliminary decision on tariffs, but an official at a German solar business says the level of anti-dumping duties suggested is within a range expected by the company.

Sources close to De Gucht told Reuters last week that the commissioner will formally recommend on May 8 in Brussels that the EU move to protect European PV manufacturers.

The solar industry is split on the issue. One group, spearheaded by embattled German PV producer SolarWorld within the group EU ProSun, lobbies for levies similar to those imposed by the US against Chinese manufacturers.

Another group, including solar and pro-renewables associations across the EU, has demanded that no duties be imposed, as higher prices for Chinese products could harm European jobs in business segments such as the supply of raw materials and system integration.