Eolus plumps for Vestas again

London: Vestas has received an order from Eolus Vind for 22 of its V90-2.0MW turbines, to be installed at the Tolvmanstegen wind farm in Sweden. The facility is expected to start up in October this year,in the western municipality of Strömstad. The 44MW contract includes installation, commissioning and a five-year service agreement. "Tolvmanstegen is our biggest wind farm so far and Vestas was a natural choice for us based on our long relationship and the conditions at the site," says Gustaf Ekberg, chief executive of Eolus Vind.

The two companies have been business partners for more than 20 years..

Krister Poole Jönsson, Vestas vice-president of sales for Nordic and Baltic states, adds that it is the largest order Eolus has ever placed with Vestas.