OPINION: Christian Kjær in Brussels

“Any customer can have a car painted any colour he wants, so long as it is black,” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company, said in 1909, referring to his Model T. The EU seems to be adopting a similar approach to renewable-energy support mechanisms in its member states.

07 Aug 2014

IN DEPTH: Brazil's power struggle

It may come as a surprise to those only loosely following Brazil’s fast-growing wind industry, but there is a deep-seated crisis in the country’s power sector that could affect the outcome of the presidential election in October — and, in turn, the election result could have a big impact on the energy industry, including wind and solar.

06 Aug 2014

OPINION: Jeremy Leggett

Some mornings these days, I open my laptop, check the energy news and have to pinch myself to make sure that I am not still dreaming, so fast are signs of system change emerging.

05 Aug 2014

IN DEPTH: Building Bahia's wind

It may not have had its first operational wind farm until 2012, but Bahia is now the dominant state in Brazil’s wind power sector, winning about 40% of projects at recent national tenders and hosting many of the country’s wind factories, including those of Gamesa, Alstom and Acciona.

05 Aug 2014

IN DEPTH: WEG storms into wind

When Servtec, one of Brazil’s leading wind developers, was searching for a new turbine supplier in 2012, there were six OEMs operating in the country — all well-established manufacturers, including Vestas, GE and Alstom.

05 Aug 2014

OPINION: Brazil's new goals

The World Cup is over, but the Brazilian decade is not. Events on the football pitch meant that although the tournament was considered one of the best ever by foreigners, it will not be remembered so fondly by Brazilians.

04 Aug 2014

Brazil creates modern energy matrix

The growing participation of wind in Brazil’s energy matrix in the past five years has been the result of its competitiveness and the learning process that started with the Proinfa programme in 2004.

01 Aug 2014

Brazil's clean leadership here to stay

Wind energy has arrived in Brazil to stay. Within four years, the amount of installed wind capacity will have multiplied sixfold, rising from 2.2GW at the end of 2013 to 13.6GW in 2018, thanks to more than 500 projects already in operation, contracted or under construction.

31 Jul 2014

Components and content

Since January 2013, turbine makers have needed to comply with three of the following four criteria to receive Finame accreditation, which enables their customers to receive loan rates of 6-8% from the BNDES national development bank (far below the 11% base rate). All four will have to be met by January 2016.

23 Jul 2014