RWE in 90MW Dutch repowering

Enercon turbines have earned a reputation for quality and reliability

Enercon turbines have earned a reputation for quality and reliability

German utility RWE is replacing 54 existing turbines with 12 of Enercon's giant E126 7.5MW onshore machines in a 90MW repowering project at the Zuidwester wind park in the Netherlands.

RWE Innogy will erect the wind turbines along the dyke of the Ijsselmeer lake where strong wind conditions allow for the use of what is the world's largest onshore wind turbine.

“The site is excellent and its wind speeds are otherwise found only in the open sea," says chief executive Hans Bünting.

"Just one of the Zuidwester systems will be able to produce as much electricity as all the 50 systems of the still existing wind farm taken together. This is top-class repowering.”

The average wind speed at the location is nine meters per second at hub height, the company adds.

The investment volume for the project is €150m ($205m), RWE says.

The twelve wind turbines of the E126 type feature a hub height of 135 meters and a rotor diameter of 127 meters.

They will be erected on a site alongside two dykes, the Westermeerdijk and the Zuidermeerdijk dyke. The existing turbines of RWE’s Westermeerdijk (50 turbines) and Zuidermeerdijk (4 turbines) wind farms will be removed at the same time.

The Zuidwester wind farm is part of the larger Noordoostpolder project that will have a combined capacity to produce 429MW of electricity from 86 wind turbines.

Commissioning of the 12 turbines from the Zuidwester farm are scheduled to be fully commissioned in 2017.


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