AWEA: Acciona upgrades 3MW

Acciona Windpower has upgraded its AW125/3000 wind turbine, with a new version specially designed for medium-wind sites (IEC IIb).

The company will present the new version of the machine at the AWEA Windpower conference 2014 that started in Las Vegas today and ends Thursday.

The upgraded design of the 3MW machine is suited for usage at locations with higher average wind conditions and lower turbulence intensity, which is a perfect fit for many North American sites, Acciona says.

The AW125/3000 combines a 125 metre rotor with a 3MW wind turbine generator and is available for tower heights ranging from 87.5 to 140 metres.

With the 87.5m tower, the AW125/3000 IEC IIb wind turbine - which has 61.2m long blades - is uniquely positioned to deliver a maximum annual energy production while staying within a 150 meter tip-height threshold in sites with aviation permitting constraints, Acciona stresses.

The company expects the first design assessment for the upgraded model by the end of 2014 and adds deliveries will be available in early 2015.

"The upgraded AW125/3000 is an example of the technological innovation that is driving Acciona Windpower’s growth in the market,” said Acciona Windpower chief executive Jose Luis Blanco.