Siemens plans 10MW by 2020

Siemens plans to unveil a 10MW offshore turbine by the end of the decade, according to the head of the German industrial giant's wind power division.

The supersize model, which would have rotor diameter of more than 200 metres, would follow a "7-point-something" MW machine - upgraded from the company's current SWT-6.0-154 design - to market, Markus Tacke told Recharge at a dinner with journalists.

"The 6MW will be out there [in commercial service] in 2017, then you need to upgrade this, and then by 2020 it will be about time to have a 10MW," Tacke said.

"You look at the lifetime of our [nameplate capacity] platforms -- 3.6MW becomes 4.0, then you move to 6.0 and upgrade that to 7-point-something [MW]. Another three to four years and you need the next product."

Siemens is involved in the UK Energy Technologies Institute's so-called "very long blade project", with plans to bolt on a set of scaled-down 80-metre modular blades from Blade Dynamics to a 6MW nacelle next year.

Tacke says he expects an optimised up-scaled 6MW design to break through the $0.10/kWh cost of energy (CoE) barrier, which would be in line with the Department of Energy and Climate Change target for offshore wind CoE.

Thirty-five SWT-6.0-154s are on Siemens's orderbook for Dong’s €1bn ($1.36bn) 210MW Westermost Rough wind farm in the UK North Sea.