ECN certifies Mitsubishi Lidar

The Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) has certified Mitsubishi Electric’s new compact wind Lidar system.

The remote sensing device, which uses a laser beam to determine wind speeds, will hit the market in June, Tokyo-based Mitsubishi Electric said in an online statement.

The system, which weighs less than 60 kilograms, can evaluate wind speeds at different altitudes.

Mitsubishi Electric claims that the apparatus is more cost-effective than fixed offshore meteorological masts, which only assess wind conditions at specific points.

Its Lidar unit is water-resistant to IP67 standards, functions in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celsius and is designed to work under rough sea conditions at floating wind farms.

ECN tests show that the system has an error rate of less than 1% when stacked up against standard IEC cup anemometers.

The system meets NORSEWInD (Northern Seas Wind Index Database) specifications and boasts a data availability rate of more than 95% when operational, Mitsubishi Electric said.