Lorc testing vital for Vestas

For Vestas, with its tie-up with Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industry (MHI) getting up a head of steam to begin serial production of its 8MW V164s, the testing programme at Lorc is key.

“These tests [of the V164 nacelle] are a further step forward in our testing strategy to have the full system  integration test, including control and power-conversion systems, carried out,” says Vestas project manager Lars Gjedsøe Eriksen.

“This programme of tests will address any of the many small and big issues on the ground that you have in advance of the serial production of a turbine so there is no question of the design running in a fully optimised way, at 100%, to get the most out of the turbine.

“This takes the design beyond reliability tests to functional performance of each system in a holistic way.”

All systems are go for the commercial roll-out of the V164 in 2015. Danish developer Dong has a framework agreement with Vestas to buy scores of the machines for its offshore projects under an “enhanced”co-operation

deal, giving a lift to last autumn’s technology development transfer of the 8MW turbine to the MHI joint-venture company.

Zero-series V164s are expected to enter the market by 2015, subject to firm orders, though the turbine has yet to be allocated an offshore testing site.

“The drivetrain tested at Aarhus was to see that it worked in an integrated way from mechanical input to electrical output,” states Eriksen. “The Lorc tests will confirm the results of the Østerild prototype and help us get [the V164] quickly to [the European] market and make changes if needed to the turbine for different markets in the future.”