2016 Deepwater Energy Conference

Start: 24 November 2016

End: 25 November 2016


Venue: Haikou, China

Organiser: China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Chinese Academy of Engineering, The People’s Government of Hainan Province


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The 21st century is always believed to be the century focusing on the ocean. The marine economy has become one of the most important parts of the global economy. According to the IEA, roughly one-third of the oil and gas resources on earth is from the ocean. Other than the oil and gas resource, it also contains tidal power, wave power, thermal energy and salinity energy, etc. The China's authorities show the great importance to the exploration of the ocean with technology, regarding it as a key factor to building maritime power. The People's Government of Hainan Province and China National Offshore Oil Corporation co-host Deepwater Energy Conference 2016 to have series of academic seminars and communications about the policies, development trend, core technology, equipment and low-carbon economy. Under the guidance of the national strategy of building maritime economic power and "the Belt and Road" initiative, Hainan will take full advantage of its superiority in natural resources and location, and invite different companies to explore the ocean energy further and expand the scale of the marine economy. CNOOC will also provide the best support to the conference to promote the exploration and innovation of the deepwater energy field and related industry, finding the market solutions to the industry challenges.


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