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  • US should not quit Paris deal: Energy Secretary Perry

    US Energy Secretary Rick Perry said Tuesday he would not advise President Donald Trump to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, although he believes the US should renegotiate the terms of the deal. Perry also suggested that European energy ministers are sounding a different note on climate and energy issues behind closed doors than they are in public. After giving a speech at the Bloomberg

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    Call for action to halve global CO2 emissions by 2040

    Halving global carbon emissions by 2040 is within reach, but governments, investors and businesses must act now to accelerate the energy transition to a low-carbon, energy-abundant world, says the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC). The declining costs of wind, solar and batteries will make it possible within 15 years to build power networks that get as much as 90% of their power from renewable

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    Global wind power base grows to nearly 490GW: GWEC report

    The wind industry added a further 54GW of plant to the grid around the world last year, with turbines in more than 90 countries making up an installed generating capacity of 486.8GW, according to figures from the Global Wind Energy Council’s (GWEC) latest Global Wind Report. During 2016’s 12.6% growth, nine nations joined the 10GW-plus installed club, and 29 now have 1GW or more turning. Wind pow

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    Artificial intelligence boosts prospects for wind and solar forecasting

    A collaboration deal between ABB and IBM is set to exploit artificial intelligence to improve appropriate forecasting for energy players. ABB’s Ability platform and IBM’s Watson cognitive Internet of Things system will be used to predict supply patterns in electricity generation and demand from historical and weather data. This will, for example, help utilities optimize the operations and mainten

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    Rosatom moves Russia’s first major wind farm forward

    Russia’s first major onshore wind farm is to be built next year in the Adygeya region east of the Crimea. The planned 150MW pilot wind farm is set for installation in the Russian Republic of Adygeya beginning in late 2018. Under development by JSC OTEC, a subsidiary of Russian atomic energy player Rosatom, the project will see an investment of some Rb12b (US$215m). The project will see 60 machin

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    Brazil rate switch could spell uncertainty for BNDES lending

    Brazil’s infrastructure sector – including its wind and solar industries – could face more variable and expensive long-term lending arrangements from National Development Bank (BNDES) under changes to how rates are calculated, analysts warned. In late March, the Brazilian Central Bank announced that from 2018 it would gradually abolish the long-established TJLP rate – set every three months accor

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    Vestas can take leading role in 'crucial' Indian market: Asia-Pac chief

    Vestas insisted it can come from the rear of the pack and take a leading position in India, which the Danish turbine OEM’s new Asia-Pacific president labelled the “crucial” market in the region. Speaking to Recharge at the global launch of Vestas’ latest 2MW turbine variants in New Delhi yesterday, Clive Turton and fellow senior executives said the Danish group is now ready to fire on all cylinde

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    Oil exports will help Canada's renewables industry, Carr says

    The Canadian government sees no contradiction in supporting the development of its carbon-intensive oil sands while simultaneously touting its push towards a low-carbon power system, says James Carr, Canada’s minister of natural resources. “You have to develop your conventional resources at the same time that you invest in the low-carbon economy, and it makes a lot of sense to take that wealth in

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    UK ‘well placed’ for wind and marine energy export: RUK

    UK-based companies working in the wind, wave and tidal energy sectors are exporting goods and services worldwide on a massive scale, according to a report published by RenewableUK. Export Nation: A Year in UK Wind, Wave and Tidal Exports has revealed that last year, an illustrative sample of 36 local firms featured in the report signed more than 500 contracts to work on renewable energy projects

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    Vestas targets North America and India with new 2MW turbines

    Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine supplier, has launched two new versions of its 2MW onshore turbine platform, the V116 and V120, aimed at lower-wind markets in North America and India respectively. The new turbines build on the highly successful V110-2.0MW, using longer 57- and 59-metre rotor blades to capture more energy from the wind and improve projects’ capacity factor – and ultimatel

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