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  • Senvion unveils 3.6MW upgrade, 2MW North America model

    Germany-based wind OEM Senvion unveiled its 3.6M140 medium wind speed turbine at the AWEA Windpower conference, a power upgrade of its 3.4M140. The turbine maker also announced the adaptation of a new series of modular 2MW turbines, the 2XM series, to the North American market. “We are addressing the need for highly competitive, modular technology that can be adapted to project specific needs. T

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    Global renewables jobs rise to 9.8m in 2016, IRENA report says

    Employment in the renewable energy sector has soared to 9.8 million people globally and is expected to more than double by 2030, a new report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) finds as Germany and China urge the US to stay in the Paris Climate Accord. “Falling costs and enabling policies have steadily driven up investment and employment in renewable energy worldwide since IRENA

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    Senvion breaks cover with 10MW+ offshore wind turbine

    German turbine maker Senvion is planning to build what could be the world’s biggest wind turbine — and may also build factories for onshore machines in the US, company executives revealed at AWEA Windpower 2017. “We will announce a big turbine of 10-plus [MW]” at the Offshore Wind Energy conference in London in early June, Senvion’s vice-president for corporate communication and marketing, Immo v

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    GE completes major repowering for NextEra Energy

    GE Renewable Energy has completed a 300-turbine wind repowering project for NextEra Energy Resources, adding the equivalent of 75 machines' worth of output and underlining a potential market expected by the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory to grow to $25bn by 2030. The US industrial giant's Repower programme is calculated to extend the life of onshore wind turbines "by a decade or more", b

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    US tower makers face growing competition from Asian suppliers

    Broadwind Energy, the US wind tower maker, has seen a growing number of towers imported into the US from Asia, says chief executive Stephanie Kushner. While US trade duties are in place on towers from China and Vietnam, “they’re coming from places where there probably aren’t tariffs — Indonesia, for example, can import, and South Korea as well,” Kushner tells Recharge. Post-2020 market slump l

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    Upper Midwest is set to be US wind’s next big thing

    Minnesota and the Dakotas are emerging as important growth markets for the wind industry as expansion of transmission infrastructure allows greater export of power to the more populated states to the east. “We’re seeing a ton of development activity there right now,” says Chris Kunkle, a regional policy manager of advocacy group Wind on the Wires, based in St Paul, Minnesota. Electric utilities,

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    Post-2020 market slump looms due to PTC fall: E.ON

    Even in the windiest parts of the country, it will be difficult for new US wind projects to make economic sense once the production tax credit (PTC) falls to 60% of its full value next year, says Patrick Woodson, E.ON’s chairman for North America. The German utility — a top 10 US wind owner through its Climate & Renewables unit, with 2.5GW of capacity — qualified “as many projects as we could” fo

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    Why rivals have plenty of reasons to fear GE

    IN DEPTH | With thousands of researchers, an ability to swap ideas across industries and a sharper focus on renewables, GE is a force to be reckoned with, writes Karl-Erik Stromsta in Niskayuna, New York

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    Michigan utility DTE to build 6GW of renewables by 2050

    DTE Energy, the coal-reliant Michigan investor-owned utility, has laid out plans to source 40% of its power from renewables by 2050, up from 10% last year, requiring a 6GW build-out that will lean heavily on new wind farms in the state. Last year DTE announced it would retire 11 of its 17 coal-fired plants by the early 2020s, and the Detroit-based utility has now committed to slashing its carbo

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    Latin America’s new número uno in renewables

    IN DEPTH | With its 1GW a year of tenders, Mexico has surpassed Brazil as the leading renewables market in Latin America. But the industry still has substantial obstacles to overcome, writes Alexandre Spatuzza in São Paulo

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