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  • GE sees 2017 'solid growth' for renewables unit after strong Q4

    GE predicted "solid growth" for its GE Renewable Energy unit in 2017 as CEO Jeff Immelt played down fears of policy upheavals to its wind power operations under the incoming administration of Donald Trump.Asked about customer nerves over the regulatory outlook for its renewables and healthcare operations – both seen as sensitive to a new approach under Trump – Immelt said: "We haven't seen much ch

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    'Wind investors are happy with low margins for good reason'

    The weak profitability of many projects can be boosted by smart O&M, writes Michael Andersen

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    'Offshore wind now at the heart of UK economic growth'

    Recent cost cuts prove that sector will continue to thrive, with the world's leading offshore market in prime position to benefit

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    Court rejects Enercon appeal over Siemens 'storm control' IP

    German turbine OEM Enercon has lost its latest court battle in a long-running UK patent action against Siemens, Dong and other offshore wind heavy-hitters.Three judges sitting at the Court of Appeal in London rejected an appeal by Wobben Properties, which manages Enercon’s patents, that Siemens' High Wind Ride Through (HWRT) system used on its offshore turbines breached intellectual property IP fi

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    Danes plans expansion of Østerild and Høvsøre wind test hubs

    The Danish government has announced plans to expand its national large-scale wind turbine test centres.The proposal would see the center at Østerild extended from seven to ten test pads, and at Høvsøre from five to seven, while also enabling testing of larger turbines.The plans stem from a strategy seeking to cement Denmark's competitive edge in wind power put forward last year by Megavind — a con

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    Tidal lagoon can be 'cost-effective part of UK energy mix': study

    IN DEPTH | Former energy minister says lagoon in South Wales could compete on cost with offshore wind and nuclear

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    Acciona switches on largest LatAm solar plant to power Google

    Spanish energy group Acciona has brought its 246MW El Romero PV plant into service in Chile, where Latin America’s largest solar array will cover all Google’s power needs in the South American nation.El Romero, sited in Chile’s solar-rich Atacama Desert and Latin America’s largest PV plant, has reached full operations after 13 months of construction at a cost of $343m. Google: 'Renewable energy lo

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    Landmark $1bn wind farm in Kenyan desert nears switch-on

    IN DEPTH | The 310MW Lake Turkana project will be key to opening up the African market to large-scale renewables, writes Darius Snieckus

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